Fact Brigade (Little Lincoln)



This is a historic themed military strategy game, covering the social studies curriculum of the American Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, and the American Civil War.  It can also be further adapted to cover any kind of historic military conflict.  A “Brigade” in United States military history was a primary maneuvering unit and was made up of approx. 3-5 “regiments” and commanded by a “brigadier general”. The game board will be a terrain map, overlayed with a 16×16 grid that is divided into two sides.  The game is turn-based, and the ultimate goal is for the player to either eliminate all of the military units on the opposing side, or to eliminate all 3 of their supply depots, which results in an enemy surrender and player victory.

FactBrigade_InGameUI_Mockup end_screen_example FactBrigade_QuestionCard_Mockup


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